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There’s an app for that…

I recently downloaded a new iPhone app called Skeptical Science.  The app (and its website) is designed to give easy access to science-based arguments regarding global warming.  Overall, the usability is great and information within appears to be top-notch, but … Continue reading

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Living Without

Well this is embarrassing.  I ended my last post with a promise to discuss living without religion vs. living without science.  It turns out it is a very short conversation.  We can not currently live outside of either. Ta-Da.  Promise … Continue reading

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Bylaws ready for vote

Members, Please read through our Bylaws and bring your thoughts to the March 28th Sunday Business Meeting.  We will have a vote for approval at the April meeting. Thanks, Brian

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Getting Fitted for My Straitjacket

Well, it’s official. I’ve been indefinitely suspended from religious belief. You show up to church drunk one time and accidentally vomit into the sacramental wine and yell at everyone that you are going to steal the little wafers and test … Continue reading

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How to Deconvert with iTunes and YouTube

(or “Cool Resources You Should Check Out”) I was raised in a fairly liberal Christian household—RLDS (nee Community of Christ) denomination, and while I had Book of Mormon stories in Sunday School, pretty much everything you’ve ever heard about “Mormon … Continue reading

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The Key to My Awakening

I was raised and have lived most of my life as a fundamentalist Baptist.  I believed the Bible was the inspired Word of God, God-breathed and perfect as originally given by God to the writers.  I believed that events in … Continue reading

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