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Godly Communionists

I don’t think children should be punished for allowing themselves to be indoctrinated, so I sent a token gift. Continue reading

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What the Hell?

Are you an atheist? You’re going to hell. Are you a homosexual? Guess what, you’re going to hell, too. Wrong religion? Hell. Believe in God, but not Jesus? Hell. Bicycle repair man? Hell. Well, I guess not that last one, … Continue reading

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Science and Law, like Love and Marriage: it’s complicated.

This is my attempt to understand then distill and describe how the American legal system can be compared to the scientific method.  While this may seem like an obvious notion (it certainly did to me) there is actually an entire … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance and Skepticism

The issues surrounding the Skeptic and Freethought movements are an absolute carnival of cognitive dissonance and self-justification. It’s difficult to winnow down, but I’ll take one example. Remember, we all carry the notion that we are intelligent and sensible, and … Continue reading

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