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March Discussion: Is the universe a simulation?

[I]n dwelling carefully on this reflection I see so manifestly that there are no certain indications by which we may clearly distinguish wakefulness from sleep that I am lost in astonishment. And my astonishment is such that it is almost … Continue reading

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December Discussion Group: The fact-value distinction

“Water is H2O.” “Murder is wrong.” Are these the same kind of fact? December’s* discussion focused on the fact-value distinction. It goes back centuries; many have tried to solve it. This month we looked at Sam Harris’ attempt in his … Continue reading

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November’s discussion group: Conversion

By Diogenes How does one find God? Or rather, in the case of many BNFree members, lose God? These were the two questions for our November discussion group. The main text was an interesting one, an account of Teresa MacBain. … Continue reading

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