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I was born in 1976 and grew up in Central, IL. I was lucky enough to attend both a Community College and complete my education at a 4 year university. My personal goals include furthering my education and improving my writing skills. I'm happily married and parenting back in the Mid-West after stints in LasVegas, NV and LosAngeles, CA (where I hope to return permanently one day)

The art of Emily’s words

One of my favorites poets ever is Emily Dickenson.  I’m not sure why she was considered so ‘dark’.  She wrote beautifully of a complicated world.   She spent some time writing about the fear instilled in everyone about hell and her … Continue reading

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Confessions of the newly Geeked

Let me begin by saying, I have fallen in love with Dr. Who, but things weren’t always this way. Growing up we were not really allowed all that much SciFi except when my mom would watch Star Trek. As I got older Star … Continue reading

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Science and Law, like Love and Marriage: it’s complicated.

This is my attempt to understand then distill and describe how the American legal system can be compared to the scientific method.  While this may seem like an obvious notion (it certainly did to me) there is actually an entire … Continue reading

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Living Without

Well this is embarrassing.  I ended my last post with a promise to discuss living without religion vs. living without science.  It turns out it is a very short conversation.  We can not currently live outside of either. Ta-Da.  Promise … Continue reading

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The reason why

This first blog will serve primarily as an introduction to who I am, up to a point, why I embrace particular labels, and a few other opening statements to help get us off on the right foot. (Or left, it … Continue reading

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