The reason why

This first blog will serve primarily as an introduction to who I am, up to a point, why I embrace particular labels, and a few other opening statements to help get us off on the right foot. (Or left, it is entirely up to you).

There are many labels that I accept willingly and enthusiastically:  Mom, Wife, Feminist, Atheist, Cook, Friend, Skeptic, Liberal, Civil rights defender, Girl, Sister, plus many others; and the order changes constantly.  The reason the list is important is because no single name can speak for all of who I (or you) happen to be at any given moment.  While labels are often considered a bane, I find them useful.  These titles remind me that it is not what others say of me, but how I choose to define myself that matters.

For the purpose of this blog I will begin by assuming that the reason that brought (and hopefully kept) you here is the skeptic or atheist part.  The task now is for me to clearly define why these labels are important enough to read about them.

I’ll begin with a question that most Atheists et. all get “Why do you get together based on nothing but non-belief in deities.” (This is the technical version of the question)  The short answer is, we don’t.  It is simply a label that lets us know we have one thing in common.  Getting together is because of other things we have in common, for example skeptic is an additional label that further defines many deity free folks.  With fellow skeptics I enjoy healthy debate or information about newly debunked conspiracy theories or any other thing we happen to look and say “Really?”  B-N Free attracted my attention because we are a family in central IL with very few parenting resources that speak to our need to keep magical thinking in the worlds created by people like Douglas Adams, not in our parenting style.  We have found great people with experience and hoping or soon to have similar experiences that have been a great help to us.

The reasons why are really simple, we live in a religious world and sometimes we need to escape, but we don’t have a TARDIS readily available.

Next month…

The difference between living without Religion and Living without Science.  Stay tuned.

About Happy Skeptic

I was born in 1976 and grew up in Central, IL. I was lucky enough to attend both a Community College and complete my education at a 4 year university. My personal goals include furthering my education and improving my writing skills. I'm happily married and parenting back in the Mid-West after stints in LasVegas, NV and LosAngeles, CA (where I hope to return permanently one day)
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2 Responses to The reason why

  1. Derrick says:

    Douglas Adams, himself a great skeptic and freethinker 😉

  2. Jay Pea says:

    Nice blog. I think labels are a good thing as long as you get to choose them for yourself. It helps like minded people meet and have something in common. When others start labeling you thats when problems can occur. Being pigeonholed into a label not of your choosing is counter-productive.

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